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 I want to share the story of how I got started in this work. I think it is an important aspect because if you are to understand what I do you need to know who I am and where I am coming from. My work and who I am are connected.

As a young girl, I was sensitive to the presence of the unseen Universe. Often feeling the presence of spirits or thought forms from a prior time in the places of history my father loved to visit on family outings. The feelings and thoughts of people and animals were unavoidable to me. Even the plants and trees seemed to emit consciousness. I could feel an energetic connection or reaction to/from all living things. I was teeming with curiosity about everything around me. I knew there was more to the world we live in than what people spoke of.


A challenging childhood awakened a need to understand and master the human experience. A deep longing to know a greater Truth launched a search into the Bible, Jesus, Paramanhansa Yogananda and religious teachings of all kinds. I learned to honor them all as the searching’s of humankind to embrace a greater truth of who we are and where we come from. God and facsimile was the common connection. However, I did not want to merely embrace another’s teachings...

I wanted to "know".


One of these expressions was the Spiritualist Church. From the Spiritualist teachings, I learned that death is merely a portal to an unseen world of which we all enter at the end of our physical journey. This was the first time I met other people who agreed with what I had always thought and experienced; we are never alone. There are always Angels and Guides to assist us. This confirmed that my experiences were indeed of a spiritual nature. God is in the details. Learning to meditate was the key to everything. From there it wasn't any time before I was giving messages and providing energetic healings.


One morning in January of 1982, I awoke with great clarity. In my mind there was a message being given to me by an intelligent presence I had come to know as my Spirit Guide. The message was to quit my job to pursue a spiritual call of assisting others into a better understanding of life. A call to heal dysfunction through enlightenment. There was an image of a business card and an advertisement for a community newspaper detailed in my mind.


The cards were ordered, the ad was placed in the ascribed newspaper and a two-week notice was given at my job. (Much to the chagrin of the boss.) I was 24 years old at the time.


I have been in attendance at several of Patricia's workshops, and I can honestly say not only are they engaging, but they are addicting


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